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Here very interesting case I have treated 26 years old lady came with allergic to EGGPLANT. Since age of 10 yrs. So she has stopped eating eggplant last year when she accidentally touch she developed redness, swelling over cheeks and lips( past also she had developed same... Read More →
HMRG report with overview of clinical research in homeopathy, identified 184 controlled clinical trials. They selected the highest quality randomised control trials, which included a total of 2617 patients for meta-analysis. This meta-analysis resulted in p< 0.000036... Read More →
Jul 2013
The season for ice cream, sodas, hot dogs, beer, fruit and candy is nearly upon us.  Spring/Summer cookouts and digestive woes go hand in hand. Antacids tend to stimulate more acidity and slow digestion. Laxatives are addictive, airborne gasses are embarrassing and colic hurts.... Read More →
Summer doesn’t officially begin until the 21st of June, but for many of us, the season for spending more time outdoors, being active and travelling is now underway. The difference between memories of “just another hot summer” or “Wow! We had Fun that year!” starts now. The... Read More →