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Allergic to food ( milk,vegetable, nuts etc.), clothes,any metal, dust, homeopathy does miracle

Here very interesting case I have treated 26 years old lady came with allergic to EGGPLANT.
Since age of 10 yrs. So she has stopped eating eggplant last year when she accidentally touch she developed redness, swelling over cheeks and lips( past also she had developed same symptoms).

Symptoms she was having after touching or eating eggplants are redness, and swelling over lips, Difficulty in swallowing. if she doesn’t take any allopathic drug then symptoms go wild.

I took her F/H–maternal grandmother allergic to same, mother allergic to same, sister allergic to same. And they were also having same symptoms after touching and eating eggplant.

6 months back she accidentally touches eggplant and she had developed redness around face hands and inside mouth.

I asked about father – business –tobacco business since 40yrs. They stayed in tobacco farm.

After studying her case in detail I have prescribed homeopathy medicine. miracle of homeopathy.

Since 2months she is eating eggplant. She is under treatment but she is not having allergy. she generally improved her health. Friends homeopathy gives marvellous results case studied well.

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